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A Better, More Reliable Approach to ETL Test Automation

Reliable, timely data is essential for enterprise reporting and analytics requirements, and expectations are high for Data Management professionals to achieve error-free, end-to-end data integration among processes that are distributed throughout the enterprise.

A key component of data quality - ETL Testing - is a complex process that, when done manually, can be fraught with costly errors. 

Automation is a necessity for ETL data load testing when transforming large sets of data from multiple operational systems to a data warehouse. 

QualiDI, a proven ETL Test Automation approach, automates the entire end-to-end regression testing cycle - reducing overall manual effort by 60-70%.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to learn how QualiDI can help you to:

  • Reduce overall Test Cycle Time by 60% (significant cost reduction)
  • Reduce untested scenarios by 44% (increased quality)
  • Achieve 100% data comparison over manual data sampling (improved testing effectiveness)

Automation is the key to improving the efficiency and quality of testing. Watch now and make sure that you are exploring the best ETL Testing options for ensuring quality while reducing costs.

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