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Getting started with Conversational UI to modernize the user experience

Leading companies are implementing modern Machine Learning and NLP (natural language processing) technologies to transform the user experience. While Conversational UI can make it easier for external customers and internal analysts to access information, connecting voice-enabled platforms to backend systems and databases is no easy task.

Watch this webinar for discussion on:

  • What is Conversational UI and why is important
  • Use cases for voice-based customer service and intelligent reporting
  • Challenges companies face and best practices for implementation
  • Technology, architecture and design considerations

AI toolsets are readily available from the top cloud providers to give organizations a head start for developing Conversational UI solutions, but most IT leaders still lack clarity on where to begin.

Who Should Watch?
  • BI & Analytics Directors and Managers
  • Architects, Programmers and Analysts
  • Application Leaders
Why Watch?
  • Enable users to make faster, smarter decisions
  • Incorporate latest technology to boost analytical capabilities
  • Provide a modern user experience

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