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An automated approach to migrating PL/SQL to Informatica

PL/SQL  once provided a powerful programming tool that could match the  performance and functionality of ETL tools available on the market.

Today,  the data integration tools landscape is rapidly growing and evolving.  Indeed, the high costs and complexity of many market leaders has given  rise to newer, lighter and faster platforms.

Informatica,  for example, provides enterprise grade muscle with user-friendly  interfaces that simplify the way data powers business. 

As  the complexity of ETL requirements increases with growing data, sources  and reporting needs, hand coding becomes a liability to businesses  looking to speed up time-to-market and minimize costs.

While  IT leaders see migration to a more efficient platform as a strong  strategic move, they are discouraged by the many obstacles and level of  effort required. Bitwise helps organizations overcome such challenges  with our ETL Conversion Automation tool, which can reduce manual effort  by up to 70% and greatly improve accuracy in the new system.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar for An Automated Approach to Migrating PL/SQL to Informatica for discussion on:

  • The Need and Challenges of Migration
  • Overview of ETL Conversion Automation
  • Demo on PL/SQL to Informatica

If your ETL capabilities with PL/SQL have hit the ceiling, register now and take another look at converting to a platform that better meets your cost and performance objectives using automation.

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