ON DEMAND WEBINAR – Finally, Open Source ETL on Hadoop is Here…and it’s Easy

Hadoop, once seen as the possible end to ETL, has instead fueled rapid  evolution of ETL tools in recent years as enterprises seek to leverage  the low cost processing power of the open source platform while  extending the capabilities of their traditional EDW / BI investments.

Despite  innovation in the ETL tools themselves, gaps remain for organizations  that are looking to cut costs and increase computation power by re-using  ETL processes being used by their existing ETL applications on Hadoop,  or to build new ETL processes on data in their Hadoop data lake.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar for an overview of Hydrograph, a next-gen open source ETL framework built on Cascading and developed in collaboration between Bitwise and Capital One. Learn how Hydrograph transforms ETL on Hadoop by:

  • Populating the Data Lake – Hydrograph connects to any operational system to bring data (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) into Hadoop.
  • Offloading Heavy ETL Processing – Hydrograph automates data warehouse offload to Hadoop.
  • Enabling end-to-end monitoring of the entire ETL workflow to ensure service levels are met.
  • Data Lineage - Ability to create custom views to monitor all applications accessing sensitive data fields, data sets or table structures; simplified compliance reporting and audit tracking.

Enterprises  that embrace Hadoop now have an ETL framework that fits within their  open source strategy. Register now and learn how Hydrograph provides a  systematic approach for pivoting from traditional ‘closed’ systems for  ETL development to a more modern open source environment.

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